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MISANTROPIC was formed in early 2008, on the ruins of the band Personkrets 3:1 who broke up that year after a few years of mayhem and a bunch of EP´s and LP´s. After the breakup Matte (bass), Johannes (vocals) and Rille (guitar) decided to start up a new band based on their mutual love for oldschool crust/anarchopunk and Robert and Erik joined in. A split EP with Deathrace was recorded and released in 2009, but after the recording of the EP Johannes left the band, due to him moving down south, and Gerda took his place. This lineup, with Gerda on vocals, have been the same ever since.
Misantropic haven’t really made its mark on being a very productive band. A split EP with Deathrace (2009), a mini LP (“Insomnia”, 2010) and a split LP (with Eaten Raw 2014) have been released but that’s pretty much it. Neither have we been a band known for our extensive touring, but occasionally we still drag ourselves away from the arctic and down to the European continent to play.
”Discography” LP (limited edition) * SOLD OUT *
50 screenprinted copies, made by the band
misantropic_eaten raw_split
split LP with Eaten Raw
Halvfabrikat Records 2014

”Insomnia”  LP
Southern Lord  2011

”Insomnia” CD
Halvfabrikat Records 2010

split 7″ EP with Deathrace
Halvfabrikat Records/Maimed and Slaughtered 2009

umeapunkcity borders

SPLIT WITH EATEN RAW and INSOMNIA can be found at Spotify. SPLIT WITH EATEN RAW is also avelible on digital download through bandcamp.
You can always order Misantropic related stuff directly from us. Just be aware of the fact that the postage, set by the swedish postal office, is fucking expensive so you´ll have to add 60 kr /7 euro for postage on an LP and 35 kr/ 5 euro for postage for a CD or a shirt. Before you order, contact us to make sure we have what you want.
Records and merch can also be ordered from Halvfabrikat Records (Europe) or Southern Lord Records (USA). They have released our stuff so if they are out of copies, they are probably out of print. Megastore, CDON and Ginza (Sweden) also seem have most our stuff in their webshops. You can also check you local DIY distro, they might have a copy or two left.
Want to make your own Misantropic-merch? Cool. Just use the logos from the ”press/promo” section and do your thing. If you plan to sell the merch in your distro or on shows, go ahead – but do it on the basis of DIY (meaning: non profit, no business bullshit!) or we´ll fuck you up!

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  1. Oskar Carlsson skriver:

    Jag vill beställa en T-shirt i storlek Large, om det finns?

  2. Jonas skriver:

    Jag är sugen på en tischa i storlek M, om det kan finnas?

  3. Brendan skriver:

    Southern Lord does not seem to have any shirts for sale, will anyone in the US have merch?

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  5. Karl skriver:

    jag är rätt sugen på en t-shirt i mediumstorlek om det finns?


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