Some news:

This weekend we will play at the lovely Cyklopen again, and this will probably also be the last show we do for a while. And this is why:

Our plan for 2017 was originally to write shitloads of new songs and record a new release, but unfortunatly Erik had some problems with his neck during last year and by the time we got to 2017  it got worse and he had to take a break from playing music all together in order to recover. The song writing process thereby came to a halt, and the rest of us just focused on playing live shows as usual with David (stolen from local stenchcore brigade Scum Crusade) filling in for Erik on the shows. But now Erik is getting better and it´s time to write those new songs and record them. So, after saturdays show that is what we will do and hopefully we´ll have some new material out in early 2018. Then we will also tour again, so feel free to get in touch already regarding shows next year! But until that material is recorded, we will do very few (if any!) shows.

And while we´re at it: all our merch is pretty much sold out and no new stuff will be printed at the moment. When we do, we will let you know! Until then, check out Insane Society Records for shitloads of crust-as-fuck Misantropic shirts and patches and order from there!

Also, alot of people are asking about when the official version of the ”Discography” LP will be released (as a limited edition of screen printed raw versions was released, and sold out, earlier this year). The answer is, that we have no fucking idea. Ask the labels involved! Hopefully they have more info.


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