Tack som fan.

It has been a great summer with shitloads of great gigs! Thank you everyone who have helped us on the road; drivers, organizers, friends, merch makers, other bands and all you people in front of the stage! Punk forever, forever punk!


Misantropic + crew, Rozbrat Squat (Poland) june 2016

We will play one more show this year, in Berlin (Germany) at DIY Refugee Solifest 22/22-10, but after that we have decided to take a break from playing live for a few months. Instead we will focus on writing new material and record a new LP. Hopefully that record will be out in the first half of 2017.

Also, we have a discography LP in the works. It is now in production and will be released sometime during the end of 2016 by Neanderthal Stench and Halvfabrikat Records. On the LP you will find the ”Insomnia” 12″, the songs from the split 12″ with Eaten Raw and the songs from the split 7″ with Deathrace. Check out our Facebook-page for more info about that.

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