Tack som fan.

It has been a great summer with shitloads of great gigs! Thank you everyone who have helped us on the road; drivers, organizers, friends, merch makers, other bands and all you people in front of the stage! Punk forever, forever punk!


Misantropic + crew, Rozbrat Squat (Poland) june 2016

We will play one more show this year, in Berlin (Germany) at DIY Refugee Solifest 22/22-10, but after that we have decided to take a break from playing live for a few months. Instead we will focus on writing new material and record a new LP. Hopefully that record will be out in the first half of 2017.

Also, we have a discography LP in the works. It is now in production and will be released sometime during the end of 2016 by Neanderthal Stench and Halvfabrikat Records. On the LP you will find the ”Insomnia” 12″, the songs from the split 12″ with Eaten Raw and the songs from the split 7″ with Deathrace. Check out our Facebook-page for more info about that.

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Gigs 2016


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Upcoming shows

THANK YOU JÖNKÖPING AND GBG FOR GREAT SHOWS. We are now planning for next year, and so far this is the plan. Hope to see you there:

08/01/16 Plan B, Malmö (Sweden)
09/01/16 Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen (Denmark)
26/03/16 Cyklopen, Stockholm (Sweden)
05/07/16 Kastanienkeller, Berlin (Germany)
06/07/16 Stumpf, Hannover (Germany)
070/7/16 Rozbrat Squat, Poznan (Poland)
08/07/16 DIY Fest, Gdnya (Poland)
30/07/16 No Sanctuary Fest, Rijeka (Croatia)

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Summer plans

Our minitour in Slovenia and Croatia, that was planned for july, will not happen due to circumstances beyond our control. Please note that the tour was not confirmed or official at all (we was just in the stage of planning it, even though we know some venues already had put the info out about us coming over to play), so we do not really see it as a ”cancelled” tour.  Anyway, this sucks but shit happens and hopefully we can come over some other time.

We´ll play in Luleå (Sweden) and Oulu (Hässäkkä Päivät festival, Finland) in early july. No plans after that. Want us to come and play? Contact us!

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Mayhem is over


So, february mayhem is over and we would like to thank the organizers of the shows in Umeå, Sundsvall, Stockholm, Liege and Mulheim for a great fuckin´time. Tack som fan.

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Live at the secret dungeon

Great start in Umeå on the February Mayhem Tour. Next gig: Sundsvall, Stockholm, Liiege, Mulheim. See you there!

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February Mayhem 2015

We´ll be doing a bunch of shows in february 2015, and behold: we will actually leave the arctic and go abroad! See you there.

07/02 Umeå (Norrland)
13/02 Sundsvall (Norrland)
14/02 Stockholm (Sweden)
19/02 Liege (Belgium)
20/02 Mulheim (Germany)

LYER copy

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New LP online

Our songs from the split LP is now available online. On bandcamp below, and also on Spotify. Enjoy.

Btw – you can still buy the LP. Vinyl sounds better.

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Patriarchs video

PATRIARCHS. New video.

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Booking info update (from the colonies)

We receive many emails and messages from people who want to book Misantropic to shows/festivals abroad. Sadly, it usually ends up with us not going. We just want to explain the reason for this:

Fist: Misantropic never profit on gigs. If you can cover our travel expenses, we will come and play! However, we rarely do tours due our family situation, our jobs, our other bands/projects and offcourse our total lack of money, so when we play we do 2-3 gigs on weekends and then we must head back home to work so we can feed the kids and stuff like that.

We also live in northern Sweden. The north has no infrastructure. We are pretty much a sparsely populated colony that covers about 2/3 of Sweden’s total surface and this means that in order to get to the rest of Europe we have a long road south. So while a band from southern Sweden can drive to, let’s say Berlin, in around 7 hours the same trip would take us around 25 hours. And we just don’t drive for 25 hours to a show; we are to fucking old for that. Travelling by train is also hard, because there are basically no trains up north and the few that we have are really expensive and take lots of time. So for these reasons we need to fly in order to get abroad, and the closest Swedish airport that can take us abroad is 600 kilometers south from us – which means that our travel costs sometimes gets doubled since we first might have to fly to a southern swedish airport in order to fly abroad.

To sum things up: We would love to play at your festival. And please, feel free to write us and ask! But just be aware of our geographical situation and be aware that we might have to ask for more travel expenses than other Swedish bands (who mostly come from the south). Again: Misantropic never profit on gigs and if you can cover our travel expenses, we will come and play!

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